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September 4, 2020by hannah


Covid-19 has caused a lot of trouble in virtually all industries. Businesses have been forced to close shop due to lack of customers and personal branding experts can no longer travel across the globe to meet clients physically as we used to before.

However, the news that a vaccine is in the offing means that we will soon not have this problem. But for now, we have to make do with what is available. This includes changing how we communicate with clients to submission of completed projects.

Most companies are relying on Zoom and Skype for meetings in a bid to protect their employees who prefer working from home. As with any negative scenario, there is a silver lining and possible lessons that we can learn about personal branding and apply after Covid-19.

The lessons might vary from one industry to the other, but still helpful to anyone who is serious and wants to make the most of this problem instead of just pausing everything. Let us shift gears and discuss 3 personal branding lessons to remember after Covid-19 is over.

Lesson 1: Connecting with Clients is all about intention, and not the location

For the first time in decades, the whole world is dealing with a health problem that is not sparing anyone. Health workers are the heroes and without them millions of people would be dead by now. In the field of personal branding, it is now clear that video technology is the future.

You can connect with clients in seconds irrespective of their location in the world. Social media memes have also brightened our days as we continue to work online, sanitize, and keep social distance. Even though industries are different, we are connected in one way or another and borders cannot separate us fully or hinder us from communication.

One of the lessons we can all take away and apply after Covid-19 is that the ability to reach out to existing and potential clients is not determined by their geographical location, but rather depends on the motivation and intention of using new technologies to boost productivity.

To most people, the future looks dark for their business and families and it is understandable, but these kinds of lessons can keep us going. Your personal brand is important now and will be even more essential after Covid-19 so work on yourself and do not give up.

Lesson 2: Positional Influence vs. Personal Influence

Ever since cases of Covid-19 cases soared and spread to different countries, the rate of unemployment scaled up and businesses were forced to halt operations overnight. Successful business owners who were living comfortably had to live off scraps and savings.

One of the lessons that we can all take home from these experiences is that positions are not permanent and you need to have long-term goals and plans. What does not change is who you are as a business expert, your morals, what you stand for, and the ability to influence other people around you positively.

Instead of getting a sense of entitlement from your current position, it is recommended to derive it from who are as a personal brand. What do you want to see done in your field, what are your interests, what are your goals etc.

My favorite Simon Sinek quote is that there are leaders and there are those who lead. The leaders hold positions of influence and power while those who lead the team inspire us.

Lesson 3: You Cannot Afford to Neglect your Online Profiles

Covid-19 has given us a glimpse view of a new world where people rely solely on internet to communicate and do business. Personal branding success is dependent on your online profile and persona. The wrong person will plunge your business in a financial turmoil in a matter of days.

During lockdown, the only way to connect with clients was through online platforms. New clients relied on the information posted on social media profiles especially LinkedIn when hiring or sending out contracts.

Professionals who had their online profiles upbeat are able to win clients and contracts even during this harsh period. LinkedIn, in one of the recent reports revealed that they experienced a high level of engagement than before as Covid-19 issue became rampant.

Now is the time to polish your LinkedIn profile if you want to get noticed by the right clients. And even after Covid-19, you still need to continue working on the profile by updating it regularly and making sure that nothing is outdated or missing.

Other social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great and can help you get ahead of the competition during this period and after. For example, you can post videos that highlights your expertise on the platforms frequently to get the word out there about your skills.

Google recently started to rank YouTube videos on top of the normal searches. So, if the video is well optimized with keywords and tags, you will get more views and more exposure from all parts of the world.


The success of your personal branding strategy is dependent on what you do know and in the future. Covid-19 might seem like it won’t end soon but thanks to the health officers and scientist we will soon have a vaccine. Keep on keeping on and do not give up yet. There is no limit on what you can achieve if you have the right strategy.

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