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The customer may not be right all the time, but he sure is the boss.
In the world today, market trends and forces are changing, and so are customers.

Most, if not all organizations do depend on their customers in order to be successful .If this is the case in your organization, you will need to treat your customer right so that you can have them for life if not for a very long time

You will need to look at improved ways to conduct business with the ultimate aim of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

In today’s competitive business environment, good relationships are essential to secure new and repeat business.

This course emphasizes the role that each person plays towards good customer relations within their organizations.


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.What is customer service?

.Who is your customer? Know your customer

.What do customers need?

.Effective Communication

.Why does it matter?

.True value of giving excellent customer service
.Handling difficult situations-Dealing with different customers

.Building long-term relationships with customers

.Providing excellent Electronic Customer service

.Customer relationship management
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