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Get with the Program & Create INFINITE Success!

What’s the Deal?

No matter what product or service you’re selling, there is something that makes you unique. If you haven’t found as much success as you’ve been dreaming of, there’s probably one thing missing:


Your personal brand is so much more than the colour of your hair or the height of your heels. It’s:

  • Who you are
  • How you promote yourself
  • How you perceive yourself
  • Your expertise and experience
  • Your personality

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I want to sell more.
  • I want people to pay more attention to me.
  • I want access to more opportunities.
  • I want to be successful.
  • I’m tired of trying (and failing) at building my personal brand.

So, What’s Holding You Back?

It’s not your fault that you don’t have a personal brand yet – no one taught you how to build one! And that’s exactly why I’m here. Together in a group of likeminded individuals, we will:

  • Identify your “WHY”
  • Describe your brand
  • Understand your design
  • Discover your genius
  • Refine your image, from colour hues to fonts and beyond
  • Change your MINDSET to transform your LIFE
  • Communicate with CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, and CONVICTION
  • Project WEALTH and earn RESPECT
  • BUILD a personal BRAND you can express FOREVER!

What Do You Get?

The FLAUNT YOUR GENIUS personal branding group coaching cohort is here to bring ambitious, like-minded individuals like you under one roof to help you build your personal brand, together. Over the course of 5 modules and 4 weeks, you’ll dive deep into the world Hannah G has built. She’s ready to share her personal branding success secrets with you, if YOU’RE ready to get up, show up, and listen to what she has to say!

  • 4x Sessions with Hannah G (100,000 VALUE)
  • Course Material (15,000 KSh VALUE)
  • Peer Support Group (20,000 KSh VALUE)
  • LIVE Session with Hannah Herself (15,000 KSh VALUE)

Thought We Were Done? Not So Fast…

  • Photoshoot (10,000 KSh VALUE)
  • Vision Board Party + Snacks (5,000 KSh VALUE)

You don’t need to be a mathematician to see that the value of this program is high. As in 115,000 KSh high. Now, for a LIMITED TIME only, we’re giving you FULL access to the personal branding group coaching program for not 115,000KSh…

Not 50,000KSh…

Not even 20,000KSh….

BUT ONLY 14,900KSh!

If you ask us – or our existing clients – you’ll see that this is a miniscule price to pay for priceless knowledge that CAN and WILL change your life, for the better, forever!

What Our Clients Say

I worked with coach Hannah and I loved the whole experience, the lessons have really changed my mindset as a person and as a brand.

She made me realize that my brand is my office, it’s my space where I should bring out the ME,AUTHENTIC ME.

  • No hiding and no chaos around my space I love it.
  • A space I should earn money.
  • A space I should feel happy about and build a bigger brand as time goes by..

Some of the challenges I have faced is trying to pull clients in and have a long term contracts with, facing the pandemic and everything companies and brands have been doing short term influencing and brand activation.

  • Having fear is another challenge.
  • I fear my dreams they are too big and I get really scared if am gonna achieve them.
  • But heeey confidence 001
  • Believing in myself 001.😂

Hannah taught me about having multiple sources of income and I just registered my sales/marketing agency and consultancy.

Currently offering:

  • Marketing consultancy.
  • Account management
  • Graphic designing Influencing
  • Media operations and strategy.

Tracy Waithera

Media Personality

hi my name is Carol. I had just closed down a business with a plan to re-open bigger and better then Covid descended upon us!!!

I was left jobless and feeling desperate to have another business going. I approached branding coach Hannah with the aim of rebranding myself and getting back on my feet again! She guided me through the process of personal branding.

Through this process, I was able to tap into my talents and education and I got clarity on the direction that I was going to take as far as starting and running a business is concerned. At the end of it I launched my life coaching business. I was amazed by what i was able to achieve at the end of my training and coaching sessions.

I don’t say this lightly, I am eternally grateful for the help Hannah offered. From our interactions, I have been able to achieve things I never thought were possible like public speaking and so much more!

Thank you Hannah G!

Caroline Gitau


Before I met coach Hannah I was struggling with clarity, and confusion about what my brand was. Luckily, after a few coaching sessions with her, I was very clear about what I wanted and how I was going to brand it. She asks specific questions that get you to the root of desire and purpose.

Phartoon Hussein


Before I met Hannah I didn’t even know I could start a business here as foreigner. I was also worried how people would view my services and if I would be able to communicate to the people here.

  • I always knew I was a creative but to turn it into a business? I struggled with that.
  • Also, will people buy? And actually pay me for my passion?
  • When I met Hannah, she challenged me to talk about my work.
  • She helped me register a business here, connected me the right with lawyers.
  • I signed up for her coaching classes and this is where I learned how to make money and even budgeting.
  • I am now making money doing what I love and I am forever grateful to her for helping me to believe in myself.

Sophia Tapambwa

Event organizer and ballon decor expert

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