The World’s Wealthiest Have Tried to Hide This From You…Unlock the Best-Kept Secrets to Find and Flaunt Your Genius!

ONE Book. A LIFETIME of Personal Branding Gems That CAN and WILL Give You Clarity, Crush Confusion, Reveal Your Purpose, and Help You Build a Profitable Business You’ll LOVE Running!

Let’s Talk About YOU.

My guess is that you’re here because you’re sort of floating through life, wondering what your purpose is. You’re smart, you’re driven, and you’re successful – but you want MORE. You spend your days watching prodigies like Musk and Gates and Bezos changing the world, thinking…I can never achieve anything like that. I’m not smart enough. I don’t have that million-dollar idea, and “everything’s already been done.”

Not so fast, genius. You DO have a purpose. You DO have a story to share with the world, and you CAN make more money than you’ll even know what to do with. While people might not always remember what you say, they’ll ALWAYS remember how you made them FEEL through the stories you told. What is YOUR story, and what is YOUR personal brand?

Together, we can find out.

Now we’ve established more about you, let’s talk a little about the voice behind what you’re reading right now.

Who Is Hannah G?

MY Purpose is to Help YOU Find YOURS.

Everyone is passionate about something, and by leveraging that in a way that makes you happy AND makes you money, you CAN and WILL live the full life you’ve always dreamed of!

I spend my days helping driven entrepreneurs build profitable brands by bridging the gap between where they are now…and where they need to be.

And that, my friend, starts with PERSONAL BRANDING – which goes beyond changing your look and having a few good headshots. It’s about turning WITHIN, and once you live with burning confidence and conviction, it will SHINE on your exterior canvas.

And no one will be able to resist.

What’s Inside the Book?

Here’s What You Can Look Forward to Mastering…

The Branding Basics

Learn how to build your personal brand from the ground up through proven formulas and time-tested strategies used by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson.

Powerful Brands that Shape the World

Oprah Winfrey. Richard Branson. Julie Gichuru. Daniel Ndambuki (aka Churchill). When you think of names like these, you probably get specific mental images, emotions, feelings, and associations. The secret? These people took their time to build PERSONAL BRANDS from the ground up, and once I’m done with you, you’ll know how to build your own.

The Essentials of Personal Branding

Having a personal brand means BEING a personal brand. Whether you’re a stylish, coach, blogger, photographer, or something else, EVERYONE needs a personal brand if they want to make an impact.

Building Your Personal Brand

Building your brand as an individual isn’t rocket science – and you’ll see what I mean once you’ve mastered the 8 steps to personal branding success. From knowing yourself to searching for existing opportunities, shaping your story, TELLING that story, and – most importantly – OWNING your brand, this is your chance to find and FLAUNT YOUR GENIUS like the QUEEN you know that you are!

P.S. Delivery is FREE! You won’t pay a cent to get FLAUNT YOUR GENIUS dropped at your doorstep. In fact, I’ll pay for it on your behalf. THAT’S how serious I am about seeing you SUCCEED. You can pay me back through a review one day, telling me all about YOUR personal branding success!

What Our Clients Say

She has authored an amazing book about Personal Branding. This was a quick, but memorable read! Grab your copy from Text Book Centre, The African book & Amazon If you do want to stand out amid the multitude.
L.Y.F.E Coach
I highly recommend this book; it is a timely gem that anyone seeking to learn about branding must possess. Hannah has a wealth of knowledge on personal branding and has a unique way of delivering her message exceptionally.
Joyce Kinuthia
CEO BL Consulting Group
Flaunt Your Genius is a fantastic read that traverses multiple demographic brackets. It is relatable to that high school student trying to figure out whether he wants to be a thespian or captain of the football team. It resonates with the campus student struggling to establish their career path. It speaks to the adult working their way through the corporate scene or locked away behind a computer. It guides the soul looking to re-invent themselves.
Maggie Mungai
Author, Blogger and Editor


There’s More!

Thought we were done? Not so fast. We’ve taken the liberty of adding THREE incredible BONUSES to your order, which will be included as soon as you check out today!



Master 5x never-seen-before steps on how to FLAUNT YOUR GENIUS through complimentary “MINI COACHING” with yours truly!



Make sure you stay on top of your personal branding progress without ever veering off course. Use this FREE personal branding checklist to pinpoint exactly what needs to change, and how to do it.



Left your copy of FLAUNT YOUR GENIUS at home, but don’t want to stop learning? This FREE BONUS will make sure you have digital and audio versions in your pocket wherever you go, so you never have to press pause on your journey towards mastering your personal branding!


Even though my schedule is incredibly busy every single day, I am still here to PERSONALLY answer any and all of your personal branding questions. Drop your message to We’re here for you, GENIUS

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