How to create a Brand during Covid-19

September 16, 2020by hannah



Covid-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe but there is still hope at the end of the tunnel. How do you continue to grow your business? Do you hit the pause button or continue with the original personal branding strategy?

These are some of the questions that linger in the mind of entrepreneurs. You are not alone and we shall all overcome.

First, it is important to understand what a personal brand is? Just like global companies such as Sony and Samsung, professionals in different fields also do have a personal brand. Your reputation and how your business associates perceive you is very important. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t take time to build a brand for themselves. Instead, they let other people define them.

Here are expert tips on how to create a personal brand during covid-19.

Be Ready to Adjust

Covid-19 has changed the business landscape across the globe and companies are hurting financially. It is not easy to stay afloat and most businesses have gone virtual. That is, they hold meetings and other activities online using Skype, Zoom and other telecommunicating platforms.

If you want to succeed, be ready to make drastic adjustments on how to do business. Learn to adapt to the current climate to continue staying ahead of your competitors who are still using the traditional ways of business.

Leverage Social Media

Millions of people use social media to look for information and socialize with their friends. No matter where your clients are located, you can still reach out to them through the various social media platforms.

Create stellar content that boosts your reputation and shows that you are a leader or authority in your niche then share it online. Improve your social media profile to show that you are a professional. For instance, you can hold a live Q&A session on Facebook to interact directly with potential clients. A podcast also works magic nowadays.

Gather More Knowledge in your Field

At the moment, the internet is helping industries to still thrive even if at a slower pace. If you are into digital world, now is the time that you need to embrace it. Invest in the future and yourself by enrolling for online courses.

For example, if you are into digital marketing HubSpot Academy has several courses that can cement you as a digital expert. The new skills will boost your credibility and give you an upper hand in the market.

Be Consistent

One of the easiest ways of failing in your craft is by not been consistent. The personal brand that you create should be consistent. That is, your posts on social media or email marketing campaign should give the customers a clear picture of your brand.

If you have a logo, it should be in all your personal branding materials including social media profile, blog posts, and hardcopies.

One easy way of ensuring consistent is by creating an email signature that represents your brand. The signature should have your logo, name, title, and links to blog posts that are related to the topic you cover in the email.

Don’t Stop Networking

The traditional way of networking with other professionals is no longer effective due to Covid-19. But that does not mean that you still cannot network with existing associates and reach out to more. One of the best ways of networking during this period is by using social networks and LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you can connect with industry experts from all across the globe through the messaging platform.

When not working online or via social media, you should strive to ensure that you create professional relationships with experts. You can even volunteer to collaborate with them on projects to build a rapport.

Maintain the Highest Level of Professionalism at all Times

One of the challenges of working from home is that you can slack at times and procrastinate. Strive to make sure that you maintain the highest level of professionalism no matter where you are working from.

Your tone of voice when on a Zoom call or Skype video call or in the emails should depict someone who is a professional and is determined to offer lasting solutions to clients. We have also noticed that people have changed how they dress during the Covid-19 probably because very few people still work from the office. Never forget that how you dress when going for a business meeting or zoom video call will impact your personal brand.

Needless to say, you don’t have to dress up like before when working from home but some standards will influence your mental health and encourage you to do better.

Create More Video Content

Numerous studies show that video content is easier to digest than blocks of text. This form of content also gives the audience a chance to engage with you more directly. When you hold a video, the audience will get a chance to see your facial expressions and body language. As a result, you will be able to deliver the message in the best way possible.

The audience will also get a chance to get answers to their questions in real time. Look for a spot in your home where you can be filming from. Nowadays, you don’t actually need expensive cameras, you can use your smartphone to record and upload on social media in minutes. If you don’t have a YouTube account or haven’t being using it for a while, now is the time to dust it and start posting more videos.


The success of your personal brand will depend on how well you apply the above tips. You can also learn a thing or two from other professionals in your industry so don’t shy away from reaching out to them.

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