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September 4, 2020by hannah


As a market researcher, companies trust you to help them find niche markets and penetrate them in the most cost-effective way. Finding clients is challenging nowadays due to Covid-19 pandemic that has affected virtually all countries in the world.

All is not lost though; personal branding can help you survive this period. Here is an expert review of the importance of personal branding for market researchers during and post Covid-19.

Get More Trust and Boost Credibility

Proper personal branding will explain to potential clients why you are a market researcher, what drives and motivates you to be a better person. This information will make potential clients more comfortable trusting you with their marketing protects. Note that clients are more willing to work with someone whom they can trust and predict what they will do at different stages of the project. Use personal branding to show your source of career energy.

Get Higher Perceived Value

As you continue to grow your personal brand, more businesses will start to envision you on not just an intellectual level but also emotionally. You will find that they will be connecting with your brand at a deeper level than before.

Increasing your value to the company will help you get paid higher rates for your marketing research services during and post Covid-19. Being more actively involved in your field will create credibility boosters that will show potential clients that you are an authority in your area. This approval will enable you to work less and earn more doing what you truly love.

Market Differentiation

Marketing research is one of the most competitive industry. Even before coronavirus struck, experts would still compete fiercely for clients. Your personal brand is what will set you apart from the rest and give you an upper hand when interacting with customers.

The more you work on building your brand, the more you scale up or elevate yourself as an expert and start climbing the ladder of success. You will also not be spending hours convincing potential customers that you have a solution to their problem because they will have already read your portfolio online.

100% Authentic

The first thing that you need to note about your personal brand is the it is based on your passions, skills, goals, and values. All this comes from your quest for fulfillment and meaning in life. Its 100% you and nobody else can take your spot in the market unless you start to slack on your job.

Concisely, being authentic is what you need to make life easier and your business more profitable. Your work life will mainly be based on your priorities and taking full advantage of your talent.

You Become the Go-To Person in your Field

By branding yourself as a professional and making sure that you deliver on your promises, clients will start gravitating towards you. The persona of a highly successful brand will make you stand out and be recognized as the best expert to hire for the project. Word of mouth will further market your brand to even new markets that you probably thought you will not manage to penetrate.

Get Ideal Opportunities

Based on the fact that your brand will be 100% authentic and based on your quest for meaning and providing lasting solutions, you will automatically attract clients who are on the same level of thinking. Employers will connect better with you because they know you understand exactly what they need and you have the expertise to make it happen.

On the same point, your personal brand will automatically start to repel any opportunities that do not fit or match your expertise and values. Soon enough, you will start noticing that you are not getting marketing research projects that distract or do not match your mission in life and career wise.

More Free Marketing Opportunities

Personal branding is a way of marketing yourself to potential clients. As you continue to deliver top-notch services to clients, you will get positive feedbacks that you can include in your LinkedIn profile as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

These testimonials will show the client what you can do and not do. Note that companies trust testimonials from past clients when hiring marketing researchers than general reviews and pitches. Strive to gather as many testimonials as possible from your clients.

Consequently, you will not be spending thousands of dollars per month marketing yourself. Word of mouth and your exposure on social media platforms will do all the hard work for you. For instance, your videos stand a better chance to go viral if you cover the topic articulately and engage with the audience well.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so make sure that you leverage it to do video marketing. Have a schedule of uploading new videos at specific times or days to consistently engage with the audience. The more they see you, the more they think about you and are more likely to refer you to their colleagues.


Indeed, personal branding is very important for market research during and post Covid-19 pandemic. We confidently believe that this is just a passing cloud and everything will settle down. Be sure to work on your profiles and ensure the information is consistent. That is, the image you portray to clients should be the same in all channels. Good luck.


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