Personal Branding

Who are you?

What product are you selling?

What makes you unique?
What do you stand for and what value do you command in the market place?

We all have a personal brand whether we know it or not, whether we are managing it or not.

Personal Branding helps you become attractive, people pay more attention to you, they seek advice from you, they are happy to work with you and subsequently they buy your product.

More opportunities open up for you, you are more likely get promoted, you make more money, and you leave behind a good legacy.

⦁ Introduction to personal branding
⦁ Define your personal and career goals
⦁ How to create an authentic brand
⦁ What are you offering?
⦁ Who is your customer?
⦁ Your image
⦁ Dress for success
⦁ Business etiquette
⦁ Create your brand strategy
⦁ Your brand statement
⦁ Manage your Social media presence
⦁ Network for success

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