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Have you ever stood in front of an audience to speak and:

⦁ You could not remember what message you were to give them
⦁ You forgot the story you had planned to start with
⦁ Your brain just shut and couldn’t even introduce yourself
⦁ You had no idea where to start
⦁ You started sweating
Have you suffered from Glossophobia?

A lot of people have fear of public speaking or making a presentation.
We all will be required to speak in front of an audience and make a presentation at one point in our lives.
It is important to learn how to do this effectively because if we do not, we may miss out on valuable opportunities.

Good information a great idea or the best proposal are only half the battle.
Being able to successfully present them, by captivating and engaging an audience and taking them on your journey is what this course teaches you.


⦁ Define communication and it’s components
⦁ Learn to design effective and engaging presentations
⦁ Facing the fear and know how to deal with it
⦁ Select a suitable message and the most suitable delivery method
⦁ Master powerful and effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
⦁ Gain insight into effective techniques for calming nerves
⦁ Learn to create fantastic flip charts to support key messages.
⦁ Create compelling power points presentations
⦁ Present with confidence
⦁ The art of questioning and handling questions.
⦁ How to tell a story
⦁ Lean different tools to add diversity and interest to engage an audience
⦁ Learn to pump it up a notch to deliver higher energy presentations

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