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How do you interact with

other people in a business setting?

How do you dress?

How do you speak?

What are your mannerisms like?

How employees carry themselves, behave and
conduct themselves in the workplace matters very much.

Having good manners and being professional helps to reduce stress
among employees, improves communication, promotes morale and increases productivity.

It also ensures that all the parties involved feel more comfortable
and work tends to flow more smoothly.

You can learn how to be a professional.
⦁ Introduction to professional etiquette
⦁ Why does professional etiquette matter?
⦁ Dress and groom like a professional

⦁ Dine like a professional
⦁ Speak like a professional
⦁ Email etiquette

⦁ Telephone etiquette
⦁ Etiquette in public places
⦁ Network like a professional

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