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Have you ever stood in front
of an audience to speak and:

⦁ You could not remember what message you were to give them
⦁ You forgot the story you had planned to start with
⦁ Your brain just shut and couldn’t even introduce yourself
⦁ You had no idea where to start
⦁ You started sweating
Fear of speaking in public is common with most people. At some point in your life you will be asked to talk about something, make a presentation about your product, or even just tell people about yourself.

As easy as that may sound,
it is not always easy.

You could be having a great message to pass but if you do not know how, then it doesn’t matter how important the message was.

They say that in communication, if the audience reject the messenger, the message is most likely rejected as well.
We all want to become great presenters and most people do not know how to or where to even start.

We believe that getting a coach is always a good place to start. The coach is able to pick out your flaws in your delivery and helps you to get better.

Our Presentation skills course will answer most questions that you might have about delivering powerful presentations and by the end of the course, you will definitely be a better presenter.
Our coaching program is a 12-15 hour program divided into 5 sessions.

Each session is about 2-3 hours. Some sessions are longer than others.

The mode of delivery is:
⦁ One on one conversations with the coach
⦁ Exercises, both oral and written
⦁ Role-plays

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