Sales and Marketing Training

Sales and Marketing Training

a)Effective Sales Training

This course gives the participants solid seller skills, knowledge, and attributes to drive seller behavioral change and maximize sales success.

b)Presentation Skills Training

This program enables participants discover how to craft presentations around essential objectives, present key concepts and ideas with power and enthusiasm, design and present effective visuals, and employ techniques for polishing and mastering presentation delivery.

c)Internet Marketing Training

Participants in this course will explore the development, production and implementation of modern digital-marketing delivery methods.

d)Professional Etiquette

This course imparts knowledge in communication styles, networking, dining, meeting, travel and other protocols to ensure the participants are well polished and groomed in professional settings.

e)Salespeople Coaching

This course helps trainees to get vital skills on how to inspire and motivate salespeople, communicating effectively, individualized coaching methods, leadership, best practices, and salespeople retention and maintenance strategies.

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