Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

November 21, 2018by hannah






‘If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.’ Zig Ziglar

You will need to start thinking like a winner if you want to become a winner.

Why is it some of us win and some lose?

I believe that it has not so much to do with how much practice or how much hard skills, but has everything to do with how we think. “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

I am in my thirties now and most of my career life I have been selling.


I have sold hotel rooms, bank accounts, television packages and I have sold training services.

And what I can say is that sales in one profession where you get more No’s than Yeses.


Failure is the order of the day. Oh my, you want to give up every day, every hour and every minute that passes.


You can get really frustrated when calls go unanswered, buyers complain, people do not commit, and really a lot of challenges.


I always choose to think like a winner, you know? Like I got this. I always put on the ‘I can do this’ kind of attitude.


How about you? What do you do when things are not working out? When the NOs are more than the Yesses?

These are some things you can do to keep going.



  1. Always think positive and winning thoughts.

It is always easier to think, “It is not working. Why bother? After all, I will fall again.” These are the kinds of thoughts that losers have, they are so negative they never seem to see it as possible.

Winners are the opposite. They say ‘’Yes, I failed but I am not a failure. This time will be different. I can do this.”

2.Choose to see possibilities and not obstacles

A loser would say,

‘’This is too difficult, there is no way anyone could do this.”

A winner chooses to see it as possible and finds ways to make it work.

3.Take responsibility.

Of course I know that a lot of things that happen in life are not in our control but a lot of things also are in our control. And I also know that it is always easier to give excuses. I am always very intentional at choosing not to blame my problems, my challenges and my adversities on other people.

I have found that when I take responsibility for my actions, I begin to find solutions.


4. Winners make commitments not promises.

Over the years, I have set goals to accomplish things that I have wanted.

I, for example wanted to lose weight for a long time but until I made commitments to start eating healthier and exercise more, nothing ever changed.

Most people make promises to stop spending too much time watching TV, to start saving more money, to start reading more, but if no commitment is made, then nothing really changes.

Do you want to win? You will need to put in the work and be committed, do not just promise.


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