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Entrepreneur. This is such an appealing title in today’s society. So appealing that anyone with an idea is calling themselves an entrepreneur.

However, it is not for everyone. The journey is not all rosy. Many entrepreneurs have made vast amounts of wealth; others have lost their money. In the world of entrepreneurship, failure is just as common (if not more common) than success.

The question is, are you a real entrepreneur? Do you have it in you to see it through? Will you go back to the comfort of your 8-5 job after your first venture comes crashing? There is nothing wrong with wanting a job, since like I just said, entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

Today’s article highlights the major characteristics that define a true entrepreneur. So, if you have these traits, you have what we call the DNA of an entrepreneur.

You are resourceful

An article featured in the Harvard business journal showed that resourcefulness is an essential aspect of successful entrepreneurship.

To position your business for success, you should have the ability to solve big problems with a small team and minimal tools at your disposal. When you are a resourceful entrepreneur, your team learns to always approach problems with a creative mindset. Innovative thinking, therefore, becomes the norm in your business. 

Even when you have more resources, the benefits of this trait will go way beyond catering for the daily challenges of the business to inculcating the value to your entire team.

You have an Insatiable curiosity

According to hundreds of CEOs who participated in the 2015 PwC survey, open-mindedness and curiosity are among the most important leadership traits.

So, if that unique skillset that the new hire is bringing to your company has got you worked up, or you haven’t been able to sleep because you are trying to figure out how to improve your company’s systems, then you are on the right track.

Coming up with improved and more effective ways of doing business is a sure way of beating the completion and becoming the cutting edge in your industry.

You are not discouraged by failure   

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is difficult and rare. How rare? For your first and second startup, you have a 20% chance at success. After these two attempts, the odds are slightly higher at 30% but still frighteningly low.

To beat these odds, you have to be the kind of person who will try something, fail terribly and still give it another try. This is the plight of an entrepreneur. The willingness to try is what will finally lead to success.

Each failure comes with lessons. Next time, you will know who to hire and who not to hire. You will have a better strategy, and hopefully, better structures.

Persevering through the failures and learning from your mistakes is the only sure way of achieving your goals.

You don’t take NO for an answer

Am not talking about obnoxious persistence here. There is a big difference between a grandiose dreamer who is not grounded in reality and a humbly persistent person who acknowledges helpful feedback.

Those with the DNA of an entrepreneur have a gift for persistence. When they get a no, they take time to process the feedback; they will learn from that failure, adjust their strategies and keep moving forward until success is inevitable.

You prefer to learn through hands-on experience

You have without a doubt read or heard about the numerous successful entrepreneurs who fell out of school. They were not trying to prove a point. It’s their DNA. Entrepreneurs do not learn by sitting in a room and listening to someone talk to them, they learn by doing.

You like your own work

Entrepreneurs find it hard to fit in corporate environments. Why? Because they either have too many checks and balances that kill effectiveness or their freedom is too limited.

Even though entrepreneurship is a tough journey, entrepreneurial spirits find a great reward in the ability to take charge of their own work.

You are patiently impatient

As kids, people with the entrepreneurial DNA are often described as impatient. They have low attention spans, and they can’t sit still. As the years go by, they learn to become patiently impatient. They learn to wait for the right time to make the right decisions without slowing down.

So, if you are patient and impatient at the same time, you are in the right place.

You are not after money

Your objective sets your path. Without a clear understanding of exactly what your motivation is and what your goals are, you will end up chasing the wrong things and finally land in a far from thrilling place.

Entrepreneur spirits crave freedom. Freedom means different things to different entrepreneurs. It is more of a lifestyle, not an end of the year bonus or a benefits package.

You are a great salesperson

Great entrepreneurs have impeccable networking and self-promotion skills. They are great communicators who command respect everywhere they go.

They, however, are not all about themselves. They have to promote their company, their products, and their team. They have to make their company appear important and be self-aware and practical at the same time. They realize that they do not have much room for error and when mistakes occur, they are quick to make corrections. People who are too much into personal appearance cannot do this.

You are a leader

Entrepreneurs have to be positive, charismatic leaders who are full of energy. They have to be in a position to recruit and build a loyal and motivated team by selling a vision even when there is little money behind it.

Final word

You now know the personal characteristics that make a great entrepreneur.  We don’t guarantee success, because there is no such thing in the world of startups, but if you possess the skills we’ve talked about, you have higher chances of success

Do you think you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? Share your thoughts by commenting below.


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