Human Resource Training

Human Resource Training

a)Human Resource Automation

This program gives the participants skills and knowledge in using software to automate and streamline repetitive and laborious tasks and aid a Human Resources department in managing personnel.

b)Contract Management

This course is aimed at building the learner's knowledge and skills of contracting management processes, principles, and practices to meet their organization/project objectives.

c)Crisis Management

This training prepares professionals to help organizations in the event of a crisis. The training includes knowledge of handling various scenarios, such as natural disasters and financial recessions, that may have a large effect on an organization's health.

d)Workplace Diversity

This course aims to boost participants' knowledge in appreciating differences among co-workers and provides skills and strategies for enhancing employees' interpersonal and communication skills across diversity to help build a positive work environment.

e)Workplace Harassment

This course trains employees how to recognize and respond to any harassment that can affect anyone. The primary purpose of this training is to provide a safe, comfortable workplace.

f)Train the Trainer

Students in this course learn a wide range of training techniques, best practices, and activities from the certified trainer that they can employ to help the individuals they will be training understand and retain information.

g)Employee Health Wellness

Employee wellness training encourages participants to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. They also learn about health promotion activities or policies that support positive employee health and behavior.
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.What is customer service?

.Who is your customer? Know your customer

.What do customers need?

.Effective Communication

.Why does it matter?

.True value of giving excellent customer service
.Handling difficult situations-Dealing with different customers

.Building long-term relationships with customers

.Providing excellent Electronic Customer service

.Customer relationship management
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