December 11, 2018by hannah


It is almost the end of this year and 2019 is just around the corner. We know what assignment awaits most of us.

You guessed right. Making new year goals and resolutions.

But you want to ask yourself, for how many years now have you been making new resolutions? Last year, did you make any? How far are you with that?

How many of those goals did you actually achieve?

It is good to dream, it is good and important to have goals, in fact write them down.Have a vision board if you want. But your dreams do not work unless you do.

You cannot keep doing things the same way every time and expect different results.That is insanity.

It is said that a lizard in Kenya does not become an alligator once it gets to London;neither does a cat in Kenya become a leopard when it gets to America.

If you do not change the way you do things, you will be the same person in 2019.

If you do not change your strategy, you can never expect to get different results.

So, this year I want us to change the strategy.

I want us to try doing it differently. I suggest that you do not make any resolutions at all. Not even one. I want you to find a quiet place, sit and reflect.

Think about 2018, the year that is about over. Reflect on things that you wanted to do but did not do. Things you wanted to achieve so badly but you did not.

I want you to think about three things only:

Your Money

Your Relationships

Your Health

Why these three things? Because I find that most people will form their resolutions around these. You always want more money in your pocket and you keep hoping next year is going to be better.

You keep hoping your relationships will be better next year.

You keep hoping that you will lose weight next year.

Hoping is good. And praying is even better. But it does not matter how many Keshas you attend this time of the year. It does not matter how many declarations you make.If you do not make changes, change your habits, do things differently, become intentional and commit to becoming better, nothing will change.

Next year you will still be broke, you will still be stuck in that relationship and you may not become the healthy person you want to be.


The question you want to ask yourself is, where did my money go?

You used the phrase YOLO a lot in 2018. You went on expensive holidays, you ate out many times, bought clothes you could not afford, lived in a house you could not afford.You did not make a plan for your money. You lived beyond your means. You did not invest, you were in so many Mary go rounds (Chama) and you attended so many harambees (fundraisers), you did not save, you misused your credit cards.

You bought things you did not need just because your friends had those things and you felt the need to belong. You paid for gym membership that you did not use even once. You wasted money.

You bought a new dress every weekend there was a function, because you needed good instagram photos.

Reflect on why you did this and make changes. Do it differently next year.

Yes, of course go on vacation, but plan for it, but also look for ways to save on those holidays.

Meet up with your friends and eat out, but make sure you have budgeted for it , and also do not take the bill all the time, share the bill. And if you cannot afford to go out, just do not go.

Help others, contribute at fundraisers but make sure it is in your budget as well and be selective about which causes to give towards.

If your Chama is not investing the money you contribute, you are better off putting your money in a savings account.

2. Relationships

How many times do you keep hoping things will change in your relationship?

You know it is not working, you know just what to do, but you do not do it.

If you think magically things will be better in 2019, you better think again.

This person is not treating you right. He does not care about you. She wants your money not you, they talk behind your back. They do not have your best interest at heart. They do not want to be with you. They are abusive.

Deep down you know it. But instead of loving yourself enough to want better, instead of making changes, you will go to church and shout, ‘The devil is under my feet, my relationships will never be the same. 2019 is my year. I receive’

Faith is good. But even the bible says that faith without action is dead.

What went wrong? What are you going to do about it? I know that you have the answer inside of you.

Do the needful darling. Do the needful.


Your goal is to become healthier. Are you willing to pay the price?

What does not challenge you does not change you.

Your physical, emotional and spiritual health is important to you. But are you going to do what it takes to be healthier in 2019?

If you keep the eating the same foods you ate in 2018, your waistline will not magically reduce.

You paid for gym membership, how many time did you go to that gym?

You are not drinking enough water and you know you should be. You are eating out too many times in a week. How are you going to lose weight? How will you become more physically fit?

How about your mental health? You know that relationship is toxic, the talk and the influence is negative, but you are still holding on.

You have not read a single book in 2018. You keep speaking yourself negative thoughts.How do you expect to be emotionally healthy?

How about your spiritual health? You did not go to church in 2018, and if you did,you did not join any small group for bible study.

You did not read your bible. You do not pray and talk to your God.

Do you really expect to become spiritually healthier in 2019?It is not magic. You have to put in the work.

So,instead of making new resolutions this year, can you look back and see what you did not do that you could have done. Make small changes and this will definitely guarantee you results in 2019.

I promise you.

Stay Awesome, Stay Tuned.

Your personal branding coach

Hannah Muchuki Githuki

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